The Hycoox Multi Suction Injector is a multifunctional, automated and electrically powered injector for delivering solutions to skin. By using precise mechanical control, safety functions and automatic suction technology, the solutions can be injected stably. Hycoox Multi Suction Injector uses a sterilized needle which is specially designed to maximize the effect of solution delivery. It is an aesthetic device that can easily manipulate the main functions to complete the skin treatment easily with a friendly interface .

The Hycoox Multi Suction Injector is an electric infusion pump. This device is equipped with an approved sterilized needle and syringe to inject solutions into the skin. When the solution is injected, the device automatically injects a certain amount of solution into the skin.

Hycoox Multi Suction injector is not a medical device but an aesthetic device with LVD(Low Voltage Device) CE.

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Purpose of Hycoox Multi Suction Injector

  • Hycoox Multi Suction Injector is an advanced solution-delivery system.
  • This device allows an advanced solution delivery with single-pin, 5-pin or 9-pin multi needle and a vacuum function to minimize solution leakage and pain.



Main Body

Handpiece Holder

Syringe Holder

Foot Pedal

Power Adaptor

Test Needle

Air Tube for suction

Instruction Manual

Warranty Document