NEO Alpha RF

NEO ALPHA RF Skin Controller is one of the best 300watts device that co-developed by NEO sd and M.I.Technology, a KGMP certified company from Korean FDA, which specialises in medical and beauty products. Besides that, it is also manufactured for triple function of RF+Ultrasonic+Suction care.

NEO ALPHA creates the 300 KHz variable high-wave radio frequency and it penetrates into the deeper dermis. This improves dead skins, sebum and blackheads gently by peeling action using RF massage, ultrasonic scrub, suction pressure similar to Hydra Facial MD. NEO ALPHA is a monopolar RF therapy that prevents harmful electromagnetic radiation leakage to the human body. It has a greater wavelength than a bipolar RF therapy that generates 1 to 10 MHz of frequency. This transfers energy deeper into the skin. When RF waves are transfered to the skin tissue, intersections of the ions within the cell from cathode to anode occurs. This generates 39 to 45 degree core heat in our body and helps with obesity, frozen shoulder, muscle pain and joint pain as well as skin management, such as skin care, dark circle, acne and killing bacteria on the skin.

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Treatment Benefits

  • Face and breast lifting
  • Skin lifting around the eyes and neck
  • Improves condition of sagging skin
  • Forehead wrinkle removal
  • Dead skin, sebum and blackhead removal
  • Chronic pain healing
  • Tight muscle tissue healing
  • Prevents hair removal
  • Face brightening and whitening
  • Chloasma (pigmentation) reduction
  • Stomach, buttocks and legs contouring ̊ Pores deep cleaning

The Company

For the last 10 years NEO sd and M.I.Technology has constantly strived to provide the best quality and the best performing medical equipment in Korea. As we are a KGMP member (Korea Good Manufacturing Process), we are manufacturing effective and reliable medical equipment to KFDA certification.

Since we started this medical business, we have been producing equipment for aesthetics, physical care, obesity treatment clinics. As a result of high quality production processes of our radio frequency, ICT, ultrasonic devices, we are selling many devices in our domestic market, as well as international markets.

We have continously committed our efforts on the advanced development, quality and competitive price of our product. At the same time, pursuing globalization of our business.